Skyline Clouded Been Away F**k the World (Summer in London) Let Me Know Soon Az I Get Home (Interlude) Rehab (Winter in Paris) Bluffin Lost Kids Get Money Make It Out (Outro)

F**k the World is a curious title for a half-hour-long project that not only features a voice so inviting that it sounds like it was meant to sell dreams, but also revels in earthly pleasures like expensive clothing, casual sex, and the luxury of unencumbered travel. But its likely just the phrase that happened to be on Brent Faiyazs mind the day he decided to name it; at least, thats how the verses on F**k the World come off. Across the project, the 24-year-old Maryland native seems beholden only to a sort of Socratic whimsy, with songs like the title track and Clouded playing out like audits of his personal life, while Skyline and Let Me Know allow him to question the world at large. Then there is the after-party-perfect Lost Kids Get Money, which sounds in the very best way like a freestyle off the top of the dome. His voiceaccompanied in most instances by very minimal productionsounds particularly naked here, and as such hard to reconcile with the nihilistic title.


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