Obsession Trouble Jekyll Groove Ya Ya Ya Baby You Are Non Stop Day After Day Butterfly Effect Obsession (Chinese Version)

Interest in EXO is at peak levels, thanks to a consistent string of hits like Monster and Love Shot and Baekhyun and Kais participation in 2019 Jopping side project SuperM. Yet anyone who felt their attention would be divided will have these fears allayed by their sixth album, OBSESSION. The nine-man unit sounds sharp and focused. Trouble examines the duality of pleasure and pain over a space-age bassline and string effects. Theres a lithe South American feel to Groove that compliments Baekhyuns silky high notes. EXOs mastery of hip-hop and R&B (Ya Ya Ya, Jekyll) and pop (Butterfly Effect, Baby You Are) shows how balanced and sophisticated their sound has become. The title track is among EXOs best yet, with a hypnotic A Milli-like beat crafted by American producer Dem Jointz. This is a story about an obsession, EXOs Suho tells Apple Music. Not only those you are in a romantic relationship with, but people who tend to be obsessed with someone, even something. Just like Im obsessed with you to make you listen to this song right now. Done and done.


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