Sin Filtro Tequila Whine Up Maniqu Perdname Novia Nueva Quisieras Destino Come y Te Vas Borracho La Toco Atrvete Te Robar X La Promesa (La Calle)

Were not in the era where legends are legends, Nicky Jam tells Apple Music. We are in an era where if the legends dont work, they stop being legends. As one of reggaetns most enduring artists, with a career spanning well over two decades, hes right to be thinking about his legacy in this way coming into his seventh album, ntimo, especially considering how many of his fellow genre pioneers fared. Yet Jams continued success is undeniably hard fought, having suffered extraordinary setbacks after initial wins in the 2000s. I had ten years of being the shame of the generation, he says. Because of drugs and bad habits and bad decisions, being so successful at such a young age, I lost everything.

After relocating to Colombia, his subsequent reinvigoration set the stage for a monumental comeback, resulting in 2014s Travesuras and the aptly titled and tremendously successful Fnix LP three years later. Since then, his hitmaking streak persisted on singles like X with J Balvin and Te Robar with Ozuna, both of which appear here on ntimo. Even amid party-starters like Whine Up with Anuel AA and righteous clapbacks like Novia Nueva, the Nicky Jam present on the album is mature and cognizant of his circuitous life path. Several cuts, including Destino and La Toco, idealize romance beyond lyrical tropes or clubby come-ons, favoring intimacy above all. Furthermore, he proves a magnanimous patriarch to a new generation of urbano talents bringing youthful R&B bona fides to the genrenamely Rauw Alejandro on Quisieras and Sech on Atrvete. Every young person who writes and tells me, Nicky, thanks to your story, I thought I couldn’t and now I feel like I can do it,’ he says, that is a legacy.


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