El Drip El Nayer Disfruto Lo Malo Cazador La M4 El Chamaquito (feat. Dan Sanchez) Iniciales AL Arriba del 300 El AK Hechele un Ojo (feat. Dan Sanchez) Un Suspiro al Viento Msica pal Barrio Ahora Cuando los Tope (feat. Dan Sanchez) Ella (feat. Junior H) El Len Nio de Barrio Cholos Malandros Tranquilo Me Han De Ver Buenos Ratos Porte Placoson

Arriving scarcely a week after shaking the foundations of msica urbana and regional Mexican alike with the seismic Bad Bunny remix of his Soy el Diablo, Corridos Tumbados gives further clout to Rancho Humildes teenage front-runner in this growing hybrid movement. Doubling down on the previously released Todo Es Diferente both figuratively and, given this ones running time, literally, Natanael Cano infuses the rhetoric and bravado of trap into Nio de Barrio and the self-assured El Drip. Building conceptually upon the framework of his previous material, he continues the foreboding naming convention and narrative style of his prior single F1 with the like-minded pair El AK and La M4. Most notably, he uses the project to build bridges with others on his wave, including a duet with Junior H on Ella.


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