How It’s Done (From “Charlie’s Angels (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)”) Bad to You Don’t Call Me Angel (Charlie’s Angels) Eyes Off You Bad Girls (Gigamesh Remix) Nobody Pantera How I Look on You Blackout Got Her Own Charlie’s Angels Theme (Black Caviar Remix)

Kelly Lynch said it best in the 2000 version of Charlies Angels: Never send a man to do a womans job. Nineteen years later, Elizabeth Banks gets in the directors chair and casts Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska to play the next generation of Charlies Angels. As the soundtracks co-executive producer, Ariana Grande recruits Miley Cyrus, Normani, and Kiana Led as just some of the fierce voices that emphasize Charlies Angels‘ themes of bravery, teamwork, and girl power. Kash Doll, Kim Petras, ALMA, and Stefflon Don jump right in to showcase the strength of women in numbers on the opener How Its Done. The celebration continues on Got Her Own, with Ariana Grande and frequent collaborator Victoria Mont flexing their independence while they drop lines like He might got money, but I bet she got her own. Amid the soundtracks legion of current dance-pop stars, forebearers Chaka Khan and the late Donna Summer are given the spotlight they deserve on Nobody and Bad Girls (Gigamesh Remix), respectively. In paying tribute to Angels past, Jack Elliot and Allyn Ferguson team up to give their Charlies Angels theme a modernized renovation, mixing the horns and bass of the original with trance-like dance loops.


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