Jopping I Can’t Stand The Rain 2 Fast Super Car No Manners Jopping (Instrumental) I Can’t Stand The Rain (Instrumental)

SuperM feels more like a supernova than a constellation of separate stars. Its seven members hail from the already massive groups SHINee (Taemin), EXO (Baekhyun and Kai), NCT 127 (Taeyong and Mark), and Chinese band WayV (Lucas and Ten), and the combined triple threatrapping, singing, choreographyopens up a tantalizing possibility: What if SuperM was the A-team? Jopping (jumping + popping = jopping, get it?) certainly is a hit any group would covet. SuperMs rappersLucas, Mark, and Taeyongsound especially hyped here, comfortably spitting English and Korean bars over the songs blend of EDM, pop, and crunk. Ditto the sleek and sexy 2 Fast and the slow and low Super Car. The group puts their high registers to test on the ballad I Cant Stand the Rain as barrel drumbeats heighten the drama. This mini-album shows that SuperM has the musical component locked down. Combined with their uptown Mad Max look, charisma, and flawless dancing, SuperMs future is as sky-high as they want it to be.


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