I. Allegro II. Andantino III. Scherzo – Allegro Vivace IV. Rondo – Allegretto Minuet in A Major, D. 334 Minuet in E Major, D. 335 Minuet in C-Sharp Minor, D. 600 with Trio in E Major, D. 610

Is there another pianist alive today who can draw as ravishing and broad a range of colors from his instrument as Volodos? As piano-playing goes, his is in a class of its own: exquisitely controlled, every single note placed perfectly, every phrase lovingly shaped. Schuberts penultimate piano sonata responds to Volodos masterly touch by offering up its beauties so effortlesslythe technical difficulties hardly register under this pianists fingers and heachieves an eloquence that is simply jaw-dropping. The choice of the three minuets is very clever, as they all seem to be cut from the same cloth. A magnificent release.


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