ZZZ Change Don’t Chase The Get Down A Seat

Phases II captures Arin Ray in full bloom. After a dalliance with pop following his appearance on The X Factor, Rays 2018 debut album Platinum Fire righted the ship and signaled a return to his core strength: pillow talk R&B. This five-song EP focuses even deeper: Theres a throwback aesthetic to his singing style, unrushed but solidly in the pocket. The Get Down and A Seat are grown and sexy R&B. Multilayered choruses on Change (with Kehlani) bring to mind 90s Jodeci. Dont Chase shows how he operates when given a guitar loop, a beat, and a violin. And no need for rap cameos here, Arins straight talk does just fine (I tried to help you but it seems so useless/Now nothings working and Im stuck on stupid).


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