Somebody Like That Slow It Down Wild Love Butterfly Effect I Hate This Nothing to See Here Another Life Right Guy Wrong Time Call You Names Missing You Wouldn’t You Like to Know Everybody Knows Everybody

Canadian country-pop singer-songwriter Tenille Arts launched her Nashville career during the latter half of the 2010s, at a time when many of her female peers gravitated toward assertiveness in their lyrics and vocals. She can summon frisky forwardness herself, as she proves during the strutting, beat-driven tune Wouldnt You Like to Know, but she devotes most of the rest of her sophomore full-length to other inclinations. Working with an expanded circle of collaborators, including writer-producers Alex Kline, Grand Vogelfanger, and Adam Wheeler, Arts makes vivid use of reflection. I Hate This is a sleek acoustic track that depicts the excruciating deprivation of putting a relationship on hold; the piano ballad Another Life mourns the loss of an imagined future; Nothing to See Here wistfully surveys how a breakup can sour the experience of familiar places; and Call You Names is a rueful remembrance of youthful misbehavior. Arts, a clear, lithe singer, enhances her expression with plaintive swoops and bruised curlicues.


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