Jangueo Encenda Ontas? Todos Ven Disimulas (feat. Omy de Oro & Carlee) TBT (feat. Nio Garca) Ontas? (feat. Jd Pantoja & Juhn) [Remix]

Overtly influenced by some notable urban hits of the past, 2018s Darte and its corresponding Sexflix EP brought Puerto Rican singer Alex Rose promptly to the fore of msica urbanas R&B wave. For LOST, hes clearly lost none of that libidinous mojo in the interim. His suave vocals ride atop relaxed reggaetn rhythms on Encenda and the lustful single Ontas? Apparently willing to share, he links with Carlee, Lyanno, and Omy de Oro for the alluring boudoir trap of Disimulas and commiserates over a dicey ex with the like-minded Nio Garca on the social media obsessed TBT.


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