Groundhog Day Road (feat. Arctic Lake) Just Brightest Lights (feat. POLIA) Sunday Song Shooting Arrows (feat. POLIA) Yard Two Stone (feat. Jens Kuross) The Gift How Often (feat. Kauf) Howling Hand The Flood (feat. Nevve) Don’t Let Me Go (feat. Arctic Lake) The Rope (feat. POLIA) Brightest Lights (feat. POLIA) [Edit]

If festival-sized EDM needs a soothing balm as it moves into the 2020s, the genre just might find relief in the music of Denver’s Lane 8. Over the course of three albums, the producer born Daniel Goldstein has honed a pop-friendly melodic house sound that finds its strength in texture and restraint. On his third LP (and second on his own This Never Happened label), subdued instrumentals like Just and Howling Hand burrow deep into cozy synth atmospherics, with metronomic ticks so subtle theyre like the flickers of a flame. Even when he pairs up with Minneapolis synth-pop combo POLIA or British alt-rock trio Arctic Lake on a handful of songs, things remain delicate. Its in these collaborations, especially the blissed-out end-of-the-night track Dont Let Me Go, where Goldstein taps into a euphoria that’s more about emotion than a rollercoaster of builds and dropsproof that a tune doesnt have to bang to move a crowd.


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