Living in Lightning Astronaut Imagination Difficult Love Me and the Moonlight Mountain of Madness Song of Unrest Strangers The War Years Young Lovers Lay Me Down

After returning to his emo-folk roots with a solo acoustic tour (captured on the 2018 live set Guide Me Back Home), Dallas Green brings full-band strength to the first proper City and Colour LP since 2015s If I Should Go Before You. And, as if to make up for the nearly half-decade gap between studio albums, hes returned with some of the biggest-sounding music of his career. With A Pill for Loneliness, City and Colour send their rugged roots rock into the cosmos: The lone-wolf anthem Astronaut lives up to its interstellar promise with a Verve-like sway that slowly builds into a heady space-rock jam, while Strangers takes flight with an urgent motorik rhythm and mind-bending synth textures. But even as his sonic explorations lead him to uncharted territory, Greens lyrical concerns remain down-to-earth, as he uses his eternally sweet voice to deliver sentiments about dysfunctional relationships and emotional isolation. So many f**king pointless conversations about whos right or wrongyou or me, he sings wearily on Me and the Moonlight, seeking escape from his problems through the songs Spiritualized-like haze. There may be no easy cure for heartache, but a little psychedelia helps soothe the soul.


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